June 24 - The Old 1-2-3

Astoundingly enough, first rehearsal of The Playboy of the Western World today, with

Suzanna Mizell - PEGEEN
Robert Benda - CHRISTY MAHON
William Loney - SHAWN KEOGH
Kat Cornelius and Lisa McHenry - two of the FOUR GIRLS
Mark Alburger - OLD MAHON

Took us up on stage immediately (our last rehearsal in Goat Hall until who knows when) in the lights, took publicity stills afterwards -- one particularly good, with cast harrassing Christy with rope around his neck -- Act III..... So far, so good, music seems tuneful, with plenty of tricky rhythmic quirks....

Then a walk from the water treatment plant (at bluffs upon seaside) to the first off-the-Coast-Road housing area (directly on cliffs above water) in

Moss Beach -- third beautiful Sunday in greater Montara....

Back to GH for another excellent Godot, etc, performance, with Keisuke playing sensitively at the pianistic helm... The end, for now, although cast has agreed to soon record, and a number of folks suggested more performances.... Meanwhile, other good news is that Cynthia and Eliza most likely will round out our ingenue needs in POTWW

Home late -- quite fatigued -- good night!