June 10 - Shall We Go?

Everyone needs a goal, and mine was to walk from the abandoned Outrigger Restaurant south of Pacifica to the convience store at what amouns to downtown Montara -- not much of a walk in distance, but very beautiful on crisp, but pretty much fog-free beach day (only some shreds in the highlands). Took a roll on the new camera -- all seven shots, before the memory is maxxed -- of views north and south along the coast, looking surprisingly like Big Sur if your immagination will allow.

Previous to this was the last Sunday rehearsal of Act I Waiting for Godot excerpts, and the cast is ready, finding good vocal and comic delivery along with droll schtik.... Act II remains a challenge, but we are on the right trajectory to be ready when those selections are prevented the next week.

Harriet, who was just instructed by Douglas, taught me enough of the light board such that I will run lights for John Partridge's show, and perhaps even for Godot. Computer and live piano from Keisuke seem to be at the right balance vis a vis the singers, and by now we know that the piece can go, even without conductor (partially due to the fact that I subbed on stage so much for those with necessary conflicts, such that we are not accustomed to a conductorly role in this capacity -- also it has been a nice luxury to stand back and watch the show, and be more the dramatic director, in the spirit [if not the tradition] of Gian Carlo Menotti).

Coffee w/ Harriet at foot-of-Potrero-Hill Starbucks, then the hike, then a drive north along the SF coast, over the GGB, to Marin, since such a beautiful day...

...yes, let's go....

(We move)