June 22 - Et Tu, Godot?

Premiere of excerpts of Act II from Waiting for Godot, after Samuel Beckett, the notes, selections, and cast are....

WAITING FOR GODOT (after Samuel Beckett) loiters in a barren Igor Stravinskian trope of The Rake's Progress, through which wander trespassers from the same composer's The Rite of Spring; Alburger's Antigone, Bald Soprano, and The Nativity According to St. Matthew; Olivier Messaien's Quartet for the End of Time, Ralph Vaughan Williams's Mass in G, the 70's rock tune Baker Street, Philip Glass's Einstein on the Beach and Satyagraha, Leo Delibes's Lakme, the hymn tunes There Is a Balm in Gilead and Now the Day Is Over, the rumba in Adolph Deutch's Some Like It Hot, Maurice Ravel's Mother Goose, Lionel Bart's Oliver!, Henry Cowell tone clusters, Gioacchino Rossini's The Barber of Seville, Richard Wagner's Tristan und Isolde, boogie-woogie, Pop Goes the Weasel, Terry Riley's Poppy Nogood and the Phantom Band and No Man's Land, Claude Debussy whole-tone scales, heavy-metal rock, 12-bar blues, Please Mr. Postman, Frederick Rzewski's progressive revelation, Steve Reich's rhythmic displacements and substitutions of notes and rests, cartoon music, Harold Arlen's The Wizard of Oz, Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon, Joe Garland's In the Mood, Latin rhythms, Alban Berg's Wozzeck, Balinese pentatonics, Alberti basses, Renaissance dance forms, Sergei Prokofiev's Peter and the Wolf, G.F. Handel's Messiah, Conrad Paumann's Mit Ganzcem Willen, and Muzio Clementi sonatinas.

Mark Alburger - WAITING FOR GODOT, Op. 128 (2005)
Tragicomic Opera in Two Acts after Samuel Beckett
XXXVI. Aria - A dog

XXXVII. Duet - You again!

L. Trio - What do we do now

LIII. Trio - What's the matter with you all?

LIV. Scena - Simple question of will power

LVI. Arioso Trio - Go and see is he hurt

LVII. Dream Duet-Aria I - Don't go / Have you not

LIX. Dream Aria-Duet III - Was I sleeping

LX. Epilogue - What's wrong with you?

VLADIMIR Eliza O'Malley
ESTRAGON Meghan Dibble
POZZO Kat Cornelius (LUCKY in Act I)
LUCKY Janet Lohr (POZZO in Act I)
BOY Lea Grant

Everyone does a fine job, pretty much on a par with Wednesday -- as with second run-through on dress, no Keisuke, but we manage.

Consensus seems to be that with just computer, show is tighter, but with addition of piano, we have more fluidity....

Also on show, Dave Meckler's hilarious The Albion Deity with bang-up performances from Harriet and Meghan, Ray Christensen's heartfelt The Hired Man, and Cynthia Weyuker's amazing musical saw, voice, and looping digital delays....

Recorded some close-ups of Godot during a c 10-minute warm-up rehearal, plus more stills, plus filming whole show from the booth, as usual. Additionally, Ray had a video crew, so will look forward to that retelling as well....