June 15 - Waiting for an Amp

Waiting for Godot, Act I tonight, as part of Fresh Voices VII at Goat Hall, 400 Missouri Stree, San Francisco (also tomorrow), the selections performed are

I. Nothing to Be Done

V. Wait for Godot

XIV. I'm Hungry

XV. Bozzo

XXVIII. Stop! Back! Turn! Think!

XXIX. His Hat

XXX. Now

XXXI. Thank You, Gentlemen

XXXIII. Mister

XXX. At Last

Cast is

VLADIMIR - Eliza O'Malley
ESTRAGON - Meghan Dibble
POZZ0 (LUCKY in Act II, next week) - Janet Lohr
LUCKY (POZZO in Act II, next week) - Kat Cornelius
BOY - Lea Grant

With Keisuke Nakagoshi, piano, augmented by computer tracks, which cut out during the third selection, as amp suddenly became disconnected. The cast and Keisuke carried on admirably despite all, and the audience was apparently entertained and appreciative. I was stuck in the lightbooth, so concentrated on the situations at hand, including filming a show that will proved difficult to sync up with the MIDI version....

Looking forward to a more urtext performance this evening...

Also on show Dawn Chambers's dynamic Spinster Songs (a pleasure to now have experienced Meghan, Sara Hutchison, and Dawn all interpretting this material in their unique ways), plus a commited selection of pieces (with Harriet, Lea, Bianca Showalter, Kat, and our Fashion God friend) from John Partridge, Brian Holmes's winning Updike's Science (with another expert Philip Glass parody), and Allan Crossman's evocative Lorca Songs, with Eilene Meredith....