March 31 - Listen! Pan Wakes...

Happy to have Harriet back, but had to blitz to school anyway to record Janet Lohr -- last of our six ladies -- in Cats, Dogs, and Divas.  Like Cynthia and Suzanna, she got it all down in one three-hour session. Still need to have Sarah, Sandy, and Maggie back for a round two, then will mix with advises from Doug Michael, and perhaps Tim White and others.

At home in evening, learned how to put cover art in iTunes, for albums Early Oboe / Early Voice, 

Instruments of Deconstruction, 

Contrary Comotion,

Desert Muse, 

Bass and Range, 

Lost in Place, 

Mice and Men, 

Three Wired Systrums, 

Henry Miller in Brooklyn, 


The Bald Soprano, and

Cats, Dogs, and Divas.