March 22 - Life As We Know It

Today was the big day -- computerwise.

Went to the Apple Store in Walnut Creek -- no one seemed to have the address, but assured me it was right along Main Street. Parked seemingly at one end of the business district and proceeded to walk blocks in the wrong direction....

Finally arrived to open doors, t-shirted salespeople, and white-and-a-few black Macs. In the spirit of Henry Ford, you can get any color you want so long as it's the color they want. No matter. And despite other quirks it's the way to go, and after c. 16 years of PCs I have seen the light and am not looking back, and other cliches...

Walked out with a slightly-up-from-the-bottom-end Macbook, plus free printer-scanner-copier (after rebate) and accesories. Wow!

Went directly from there to school, with the computer still in the box when I arrived for Thursday quiz with my theory students. Thereafter, music tech faculty gathered around, as mothers drawn to a newborn.

Tim White did the initial delivery, setting up wireless internet w/ the school's connection, then Doug Michael got the school Microsoft Office going and configured the printer.

Another welcome to the current century!