February 25 - Colorful Music

Wanted to stop by Diablo Valley College late Saturday night on way back from San Francisco but resisted.

Spent the morning organizing the chaos of CD's that has arisen since starting to record complete works two years ago, then some time getting ready for the composer-performer get-together at Goat Hall in SF.

Event was great -- fine-to-excellent singers, plus presentations from Steven Clark,

Dave (D.C.) Meckler,

Brian Holmes,

John Partridge, and moi.

Steven's Dionyus sounds in fantastic exotic Grecian-tweaky form, while

Dave's Albion Deity is hilarious and beautiful in its language distortions (a computer attempting to interpret Robert Schumann's Dichterliebe into English by sheer analogous sounds alone).  Also amusing and energetic material from Brian and John.  Took a number of pics, but the camera does leave a bit to be desired re clarity and focus.

Performed the one-singer version of Two Thieves from Waiting for Godot plus  

Nobody in There from The Playboy of the Western World, and gratified to have enthusiastic and talented casts lined up.

On a whim, driving in with Harriet, happened on a notion to perform Godot parody in all-female high-fashion version as Waiting for Bardot (thanks, Steven), with Vladimira and Estragonetta waiting for job interviews at an emporium, Pozzo as a Meryl-Streep-type in The Devil Wears Prada, Lucky as Ugly Betty, and the Boy as the Girl (maybe as the Boy).

Late to beautiful and peaceful U.C. Davis Library for research on orchestration of Igor Stravinsky's The Rake's Progress, for use in Bardot/Godot, since the I.S. is the troping source.