May 28 - Memorable Memorial

Time to take the first Sierra hike of the season,

through the

forest on Mosquito Ridge Road to the turn-off to Placer Big Trees (the most northernly grove of Giant Sequoias -- only a scattered impressive few) -- part of a continuing series of dayhikes linking San Francisco to Reno.

Exploratory drive thereafter on the gravel-soon-dirt-eventually-rock Robinson Flat Road.

Deceptively easy start, and better views than along upper Mosquito Ridge (lower parts are quite impressive). Contouring around the open slopes of Duncan Peak, past a few lingering snow patches, the question came to mind, "Just how bad does this have to get before it's time to turn around?" Up a screeish slope, with gullies and some water, there came, Dante- or Tennessee Williamseque, the place where the straight way was lost. As an overly-hasty peering at the map did not recall any forks, this was time to exercise prudence -- while it's summerish, the thought of those lost temporary Oregonians came to mind.

Bumping the roughly 6 miles back, I later realized I had been within about a half mile of paved road and the possibility of a nice loop -- the separation of the road was actually marked on the map and the route obvious -- oh well....

Home via UC Davis Library for some Stravinsky orchestratonal inspiration, then beginning conception of Waiting for Godot 35-36 orch...