January 27 - Rolling Along

At home putting finishing touches on

Deploration Passacaglias, Op. 43, for publication: XVI. Brahms (bi-modal, distended, compressed version of German Requiem: IV. How Lovely Is Thy Dwelling Place),

XVII. Ravel (denatured, slightly atonal, quick/impartial take on Pavanne for a Dead Princess),

XVIII. Schoenberg (folk-tonal distortion of the beginning of A Survivor from Warsaw),

XIX. Stravinsky (waltz-talea on first movement of Requiem Canticles),

XX. Weill (boogie-habanera i-bVII-bVI-v Pirate Jenny from Threepenny Opera),

XXI. Shostakovich (the composer's  signature soggietta cavata (sp?) "D.Sch." [D-Eb-C-B] on a grid of the Ralph Vaughan Williams's Symphony No. 4: IV. . . . Epilogue opening),

XXII. Britten (the War Requiem: Dies Irae in happy-face major as an 8/4 [sorry!] riff),

XXIII. Bernstein (superimposing second movement I-vi-IV-ii-V refrain of Chichester Psalms with the final chorale of Mass).